What causes my water cloudy

What does water cloudy indicates?

What does water cloudy indicates?

It indicates that there is a bacterial bloom in your tank.


What causes the bacterial bloom?

An access of nutrient in water will led to bacterial bloom as bacteria consume the excess nutrients and multiply, thus clouding your water.


Excess nutrient is created when you:

a. Over-feed the fish

b. Have an overcrowded tank

c. Have dead plants or fish not removed from the tank


Is Bacteria bloom dangerous to fishes?


By themselves, they may not be harmful. However, they can be as associated with high

levels of ammonia and nitrites in a new tank. These contents are high harmful to fish.


Effectiveness of ANS Clearmax


Clearmax clears cloudy water and improve tank conditions immediately by removing

excess nutrient like nitrate and ammonia. And it is easy filter media. All you need

to do is to place it in your filter compartment and wait for it to work its magic.


Besides nitrate and ammonia, Clearmax also removes toxins like copper, metals and

odors that are also harmful to fish and shrimps. Lastly, it reduces algae outbreak in

your aquarium.


Hassles free and easy to use product for healthy aquarium.





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