4 simple steps to reduce the need of water change for your aquarium

We change water to remove waste and toxic in aquarium that will harm fish’s health.  To reduce need of water change, we will need to remove waste and toxic in the aquarium.
Here are 4 simple steps to how we remove waste and toxic in aquarium reduce need of water change.

Step 1: Get a good filter

A good filter is important as it remove waste and toxic in the aquarium effectively, it also provide good water circulation to maintain good water quality. There are many type of filter available. 
Guidelines: Flowrate (L/H) of filter need to be about 4 – 6 times of total water in aquarium. For example, a 60 litre aquarium needs to have a filter with 240L/H – 360L/H flowrate.

Step 2: Adding beneficial bacteria every week

Adding beneficial bacteria helps to break down waste biologically through the process referred as nitrogen cycle. it break down from highly toxic ammonia (NH4) to nitrite (NO2) to the least harmful nitrate (NO3).
Adding once every week will help to keep ammonia and nitrite at zero level. Most importantly, it prevents any sudden increase of ammonia in the water that will kill you fishes.
Some good beneficial bacteria are:
EIHO BacterGold
- JBL Denitrol
   CONTINUUM BacterGen•F Freshwater Microbe Culture,250ml

Step 3: Add ANS Clearmax in filter

Although nitrate (NO3) is the least harmful in the nitrogen cycle, it is still harmful to fishes when accumulated to a high level. We need to keep nitrates at a low level.
ANS Clearmax removes nitrates in the water effectively, keeping nitrate at a low level. It also removes toxins and ammonia, improving water quality and restores crystal clear water. Hence, reduce need of water change and tank maintenance.


Step 4: Get algae eaters and bottom feeders

Algae eaters will help to clear up algae keeping your aquarium clean. Algae eaters are otocinclus, Siamese algae eater and pleco
Bottom feeders will help to clear up leftover food or waste at the bottom of the aquarium. Bottom feeders are loaches and corydoras.
Guidelines: 1 algae eater and 1 bottom feeders to 15 litre of water

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