JBL Denitrol 100ml

Item#: J23061

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JBL Denitrol 100ml

Item#: J23061

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JBL Denitrol 100ml

Item#: J23061


  • Biological nitrite removal. Detoxifies water with a fast starting formula using highly active cleansing bacteria and enzymes. For the prevention of fish loss. 8 complementary bacterial cultures for the breakdown of proteins (heterotropic bacteria), ammonium and nitrite. The first fish can be added to the newly established aquarium 48 hours after the application of JBL Denitrol.
  • It is a frequent topic of discussion whether you can add fish to an aquarium as early as one day after setting it up. Microbiologists have found out that bacteria in a new aquarium reproduce very slowly, if no water pollution (nutrition for bacteria) occurs. But if fish are added without bacterial starter the next day, ammonium/ammonia problems will arise. Bacteria reproduce too slowly at first and can’t keep pace with the pollution output. By using JBL Denitrol (1 hour after the addition of JBL Biotopol) high quantities of bacteria are added. If then the next day the first fish are added to the aquarium, the bacteria will get also food and begin to reproduce. Furthermore, if JBL Denitrol is added during the first 10 days to insure that enough bacteria are always available, neither ammonium/ammonia nor nitrite will be a problem.
Despite JBL Denitrol, the nitrite level has not dropped.

In order to answer this question, we would need to know the current nitrite level and how it has developed in the course of 4 hours after feeding. If the nitrite levels are high, an inhibition of the bacterial decomposition of nitrite may occur. 

In this case, the following procedure is recommended: 

1) Do a large water change in accordance with the nitrite level - at least 50 % if it is over 1.0 mg/l - in order to decrease the current nitrite level. 

2) Add a large dose of JBL Denitrol to the tank, around 250 ml per 150 l of tank water. Aerate the tank or set the filter outflow so that it creates enough turbulence to bring in oxygen. The whitish cloudiness caused by the bacteria will disappear within a few hours and the bacteria will then quickly start processing the ammonium/ammonia and nitrite.

How are the filter bacteria (nitrobacter) preserved in the bottles? How can the bacteria survive inside?

The bacteria in the products are contained in a nutrient solution which meets the "minimum requirements", as full-scale metabolism would shorten the shelf life. As long as the bottles are in their original packaging and stored at temperatures between 4-35 °C the shelf life is 18 months. 

If the liquid is clear or has occasional small brownish flocks, the product is fine. The smell should be barely discernible. If the liquid smells of rotten eggs or if it contains black flakes, the product is no longer suitable for use.

Do I have to turn off the UV clarifier when I add JBL Denitrol to my aquarium?

Yes, that would be advisable. It takes some time for the bacteria to settle on the substrate and, until then, they float freely in the water, so that the UV-C rays would kill them off. Therefore, it is recommended to turn it off for 1 day this day.

Do the "filter bacteria" pose a risk to sensitive persons, as they could potentially be transmitted by air?

No, these bacteria are generally harmless to humans. 
They can not get into the air, as nitrifying bacteria are generally substrate bound and bound to a medium that is aqueous to at least moist.

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